Ice Climbing Course

Learn ice climbing technics by one of Iceland's most seasoned ice climber Einar Rúnar Sigurðsson 

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  • Private Tour Only so you or the 2 of you will get a tailor made Ice Climbing Course that suits your ability and experience.

  • Climbing gear provided including ice climbing boots if needed


around 8 hours each day with preparation and transport


Moderate but can be hard if you are more experienced . Please wear warm and weather proof cloths, and warm hat and gloves, and bring some snacks for the day.


1st November to 31th March 


Meeting time:



Meeting place:

Café Vatnajökull in

150.000-200.000 ISK

Duration: 2 days


Only for 1 or 2 people



Age limit 18 years


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The Ice Climbing Course of FromCoastToMountains is a great way to learn the skills and technics of ice climbing. We do the course in the field, in glaciers close to our office, in mulans further up the glacier, in frozen waterfalls close by the road or further up the valley, and even in ice caves if the conditions are good there. Bottom line, we can always find ice for sure, and while we prefer to climb in waterfall ice when possible, we will always be able to climb in steep glacier ice even if the winter is mild.

The course takes two days, but in some cases extra days for more advanced climbing can be booked. On day one we would start with the basics in an easy place in the glacier and get some climbing done also to see what needs to be covered the next day. On day two we would go to frozen waterfalls if they are in conditions, or we would go to bigger places in glaciers, or in ice caves if conditions are good there.

We also offer the shorter Ice Climbing Tour this winter where we practice ice climbing right outside the beautiful Sapphire Ice Cave.

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Book your Ice Climbing Course with FromCoastToMountains here:

Send us a request about the Ice Climbing Course in email and we will work out a available date. Right now there are no or very few days available, and those that are available is simply days that somebody else is about to pay the deposit for. We can add days on request, on days that are not already booked for other tour.

So, when we have found 2 days that work for both of us, we will use the booking calendar here below for you to pay deposit 75.000 ISK. If you are alone you will pay the other 75.000 when we do the Ice Climbing Course, or if you are 2 of you, 125.000 ISK.

Don't worry that you can only book one person, even if you are two of you. We will know from the email from you if you were booking 1 or 2.