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Coast Tour

Super Jeep Tour to the black sand beach of Hofsnes farm

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  • A modified Land Rover Defender (pre 2019 model)

  • Private tour
    for 1-6 clients

  • Local driver and guide

  • Self driving option if you have your own modified vehicle

  • Sightseeing out of the crowds on the private lands of Hofsnes farm

  • Several photo stops along the way, at the beach and at Hofsnes Sand Flats

  • 4wd adventure


All year

Departure times:

On request


Meeting place:

Cafe Vatnajökull in southeast Iceland in winter


2-3 hours

 Private tour

Price: (in Icelandic Krona)
1 person - 75.000 ISK
2 persons - 50.000 per person
3 persons - 40.000 per person
4 persons - 32.500 per person
5 persons - 30.000 per person
6 persons - 27.500 per person
Note. Children 1-16 year old go free if at least 2 adults are booked on the tour.

Coast Tour

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We at Hofsnes farm are very proud of the history and landscape in our front yard. The black sand coast on either side of cape Ingólfshöfði 10 km south of our house has always played big role in the life of the people living on the farm.

Join us on a tour with our modified Land Rover Defender, driving across unbridged rivers and sand flats to reach the remote and unaccessible black sand beach of Öræfi. This route is most of the time impossible with unmodified 4wd.

We will make stops at the beach on both side of cape Ingólfshöfði, look for seals and if anything interesting has washed ashore. A must stop is also the #hofsnessandflats an outwash plain that is part of Skeiðarársandur, created by massive glacier floods, mostly in beginning of the 20th century.

The area is rich with history, all the way from the time the first settler of Iceland, Ingólfur Arnarson, spent his first winter in Iceland here in the year 874 AD, through the biggest volcanic eruption catastrophe in the history of Iceland in the year 1362, and until the massive glacier floods of 1903, 1913, 1922 and 1934 to name just few.

The trip is guided by our lead guide, Einar Rúnar Sigurðsson, so availability depends on that he is not booked for something else at the time. Einar is a passionate photographer, and loves to share about the nature and history of his local area, but he is born and raised on Hofsnes farm.

In winter the sand flats can be frozen over and even covered with snow, but the trip is still possible with our modified Land Rover Defender. In summer, Einar is pretty busy doing the Ingólfshöfði Puffin Tour but the trip is often possible in the time of day when we have the sunset over the Hofsnes Sand Flats, or even, if you are an early bird, the sunrise.

If you have your own modified 4wd we can also do the trip with our car and your car in a team, and if anyone gets stuck we are equipped for rescue each other :-)

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