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Sapphire Ice Cave Tour

In this trip we will visit the Sapphire Ice Cave. After exploring the ice cave we will go on a short but very interesting glacier hike also. We will study moulins and other glacier phenomenons and part of the glacier walk will take us up an amazing glacier tunnel. In the steeper part of the glacier we have fixed safety ropes that we clip into, so even though we are on very slippery blue ice in mid winter we will stay totally safe to enjoy the glacier visit.

Departure from Café Vatnajökull in Fagurhólsmýri

Duration: 5 hours
Price: 27.500 ISK per person

Minimum age 13 years old

Ice Climbing and Ice Cave Tour

In the Ice Climbing Tour this winter we will visit the Sapphire Ice Cave. We have great climbing walls just outside the ice cave, so we will have best of both worlds, fun and safe ice climbing, but also the opportunity to visit a beautiful ice cave at the same time. After the ice climbing and ice cave visit we will go on a short glacier hike.

Departure from Café Vatnajökull in Fagurhólsmýri

Duration: 5-6 hours
Price: 35.000 ISK per person

Minimum age 13 years old

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Private Helicopter Ice Cave Tour

In this trip we have a helicopter transporting us from Skaftafell Air Field to beautiful ice caves further up the glacier. Those caves are out of reach for hiking so the only people there will be going with the helicopter.

Each trip will be about 2 1/2 - 3 hours.

Departures on request from November to March 
Possible for 1-4 clients at a time (possible for up to 5 if average weight and not too much photo gear)

Mainly focused on serious photographers who need more time than iPhone people

Price: 330.000 ISK per trip

Ice Caving with other companies - Free Booking Service!

Öræfaferðir - FromCoastToMountains travel service have offered ice cave tour service since 2006 and actually started to take some clients to ice caves already in 1996. We are a small family company so and since we are also offering other kind of tours we are easily fully booked big part of the winter, so we want to help out by offering you to buy ice cave tours from other companies in southeast Iceland. The booking service is free of charge, we simply get our commission from the other company, so you pay the same price as directly with them. However, you will have access to our customer service by buying the trip through us :-)

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