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Helicopter Ice Cave Tour

Private departure for serious photographers

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  • Experienced mountain guide with AIMG Hard Ice 3 Guide qualification

  • Private tour
    for 1-4 (or 5) clients and we concentrate on giving photographers opportunity to do ice cave photography


3-5 hours

We make sure we stay long enough for photographing the ice caves we go to




Gear provide:

Glacier safety gear as needed


October - April


Departure times:

9:30 (final time will depend on helicopter company)


Meeting place:

Skaftafell Terminal in southeast Iceland 


440.000 ISK

 1-4 persons per trip
1 client would pay 440.000 but 4 clients would split the price so each pays 110.000 etc.

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Helicopter Ice Cave Tour

Our lead guide Einar Rúnar Sigurðsson is the Godfather of ice cave photography tours in Iceland. He will be your guide on this tour.

The tour is offered in winter months only, to remote glacier areas where trucks and hiking people cannot reach due to distance from road. Of course there might be some other companies using the service of the helicopter company to get to the same ice caves as us in the same day, but since the helicopter is the only transport there is not likely that the ice caves up there will be too crowded for our photography, and we will stay as long on each trip it takes to have the photos we want.

Of course weather has to cooperate for the tour to be possible, so we recommend to book the trip on the first possible day you have here in southeast Iceland, leaving room to move it to later date if weather makes complications.

Just send us an email to and let us the day you want to do the tour and how many you are. There is space for 1-4 passengers in the helicopter plus our guide and the pilot. (Sometimes they have helicopter that can take 1 more person, so check on us even if you are 5). It is also possible to take up to 5-8 (or even 10 if the bigger helicopter is in the area) of you in a day on our tour, by having the helicopter coming two trips, but then the price is 880.000 ISK.

We will confirm availability and if this is in long advance (not simply the next day) we will create a payment link for you to pay part of the fee beforehand. The rest you can pay with card or cash when we do the trip.

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