Helicopter Ice Cave Tour 
Private Tour For Photographers To The Most Amazing Ice Caves Of The Season

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  • Helicopter ride up to the remote ice caves and back

  • Good opportunity to photograph ice caves out of the crowds

  • Helmets with head lamps and micro spikes for your shoes included


Easy but includes walking short distance on rough ground to get into the ice caves. Sometimes in snow. You better have warm winter cloths, ready for all kind of Icelandic weather.


November to March


Meeting place:

Skaftafell Terminal, the airfield just outside the entrance of Skaftafell National Park. Look for Skaftafell Terminal on Google maps.


Around 2-3 hours

Price: 400.000

Duration: 2-3 hours

max 4 participants**

Skaftafell Terminal

Beautiful Combination of Helicopter Sightseeing and Ice Cave Exploring


This is a great trip for serious photographers that want to work on their photos in some of the most stunning ice caves of Vatnajökull. Since the ice cave location we go to on this trip is quite far up in the mountains and would require many hours of hiking to reach we are usually alone up there while in the ice caves. And since the helicopter takes max 5 passengers plus pilot there will not be big crowd in the cave at any time.

The helicopter will leave us up there for enough time to photograph the ice caves. It is possible that another party from another company will come with the helicopter while we are there but since there are more than one ice cave to explore we can guarantee that this location will never be crowded like most Iceland's ice caves are now.

For this trip we meet at the Skaftafell Terminal and the helicopter takes us up to a remote valley next to Skeiðarárjökull glacier. There we land close to the ice caves and spend couple of hours exploring and photographing them. Then the helicopter comes back or us. The flight time is not long and the ice caves are just couple of hundreds of meters away from the landing spot so biggest part of the trip will be spent inside the ice caves.

It is also possible to negotiate a extra helicopter sightseeing trip linked with this trip, but that will be done directly with the helicopter company and paid directly to them. Best is to see what kind of day we get when the time comes.

Be careful to dress warmly, we plan to be about 2-3 hours on the tour but in case the helicopter is busy on other trips while leaving us there that time can vary somewhat.

We only offer this as an private solution with the same price per trip, no matter if there is one person or 4 people, but feel free to contact us if you are alone and want to check if there is somebody we know of that want to share the cost. You can also chat with other photographers at your guesthouse and try to find someone to join you. 

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** We can organize this trip for more than 4 clients. I would go with the first 4, photograph with them the ice caves, and then after enough time the helicopter would bring other 1-4 clients from the same party, and the first 4 go back. I will come back with the second party. For serious photography 2 trips max in the short daylight hours at Christmas/New Year is recommended, but in early November and in late February and in March, more trips in the same day are possible. So it would be possible to take for example 12 photographers in one day with this system. Or like 4+me then 5 then 4. So 13 clients in total in one day.

Since the trip availability has to be by confirmed by both us and also the helicopter company we will not put this trip on our booking calendar, but you can send email to info@fromcoasttomountains.is to book. When we can confirm that the day you ask for is possible we will make that day possible to pay 50% deposit on the booking calendar. We will only do that when you confirm that you are ready to pay for that spot.
So even if you see bookable dates on the booking calendar please do not book it unless you have contacted us before.

Cancellation policy for the Helicopter Ice Cave Tours is like this:

If cancelled more than 2 weeks before departure there will be full refund. If cancelled less than 2 weeks and more than 3 days before departure there will be 90% refund. If you cancel less than 3 days but more than 24 hours before departure there will be 50% refund. If you don't show up, or cancel less than 24 hours before departure there will be no refund.


  1. Note, the booking calendar here below is only used for clients that are ready to pay the 50% deposit. Please do not use it until you have confirmed the day with us. Usually there is only 1 or 2 dates available at time, depending on requests from clients that are just about to pay their deposit.

  2. And don't worry that there is only possible to book one person, we know from your email or text how many you are.

  3. The departure is almost never at 9:00, we will let you know the day before the exact departure time. So be careful not to book something else on the same day you have this tour unless it is in late afternoon.