Blue Dragon - Heli Ice Cave Combo Tour 

With Atlantsflug 

The Most Amazing Ice Cave Of The Season, the Blue Dragon Ice Cave in Skeiðarárjökull

  • Helicopter ride up to the Blue Dragon Ice Cave and back

  • Appr. 30 minutes exploring of the ice cave

  • Good opportunity to visit ice cave out of the crowds and amazing sightseeing flight over the area around Skaftafell and over Skeiðarárjökull glacier


Easy but includes walking short distance on rough ground to get into the ice caves. You better have warm winter cloths, ready for all kind of Icelandic weather.

Helmets will be provided, and micro spikes if the conditions are slippery


November to March


Meeting place:

Skaftafell Terminal, the airfield just outside the entrance of Skaftafell National Park.


Normally 60-90 minutes from lift off until back to the Skaftafell Terminal. Meeting time 20 minutes before departure

Price: 59.900

minimum 3

Duration: 60-90 minutes

3-5 participants

per trip but larger parties possible

Beautiful Combination of Helicopter Sightseeing and Ice Cave Exploring


This is a great trip to be out of the crowds in some of the most stunning ice caves of Vatnajökull. Since the ice cave location we go to on this trip is quite far up in the mountains and would require many hours of hiking to reach we are usually alone up there while in the ice caves. And since the helicopter takes max 5 clients each time plus guide there will not be big crowd in the cave at any time.

For this trip we meet at the Skaftafell Terminal and the helicopter takes us up to a remote valley next to Skeiðarárjökull glacier. There we land close to the ice caves and spend an hour exploring them. The flight time is not long and the ice caves are just couple of hundreds of meters away from the landing spot so bigger part of the trip will be spent inside the ice caves.

If you are serious photographer and are looking for a longer stop at the ice caves there, you can check out the Helicopter Ice Cave Tour of FromCoastToMountains.

Cancellation policy for the Helicopter Ice Cave Tours is like this:

If cancelled more than 2 weeks before departure there will be full refund. If cancelled less than 2 weeks and more than 3 days before departure there will be 90% refund. If you cancel less than 3 days but more than 24 hours before departure there will be 50% refund. If you don't show up, or cancel less than 24 hours before departure there will be no refund.

Book your Blue Dragon - Heli Ice Cave Combo Tour here.
Please note that even though the departure times is set 11:00 you better be flexible about exact departure time. Atlantsflug will contact you the day before departure with the final departure time. Note also that even though you can book only one person, there need to be 3 persons minimum for the tour to go on, but the helicopter company will do its best to get other clients to join you if you are only one or two in your party. Or give you the option of paying for the third person if nobody else is found.

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