Ice caves are temporary structures that appear at the edge of glacier every winter, very often where the glacier meltwater runs out from underneeth the glacier.  During summertime almost every ice cave melts down and new one appears in the beginning of winter. Then the local ice cave guides go scouting out for new ice caves. When temperature falls the ice becomes more stable and the water surface in the cave drops. Not every ice cave is safe to visit, in our ice cave tours the guide will evaluate each time if the cave is save to visit, with regard to the situation, weather and ice condition. Winter in Iceland can be rainy and warm, specially on the south-east coast of Iceland. Ice cave tours are very weather dependant, rain and warm days are not ideal condition for Ice cave excursions.  On such days the caves can get flooded and/or the ice to unstable and the ice cave not save to visit. In these situations the ice cave tours can be cancelled with short notice because of safety reasons. We book our ice cave tour until about 20th of March. If our Ice cave tour gets cancelled participants will get full refund. Our safety standards are high and Ice caves should never be visited without a local guide who knows the ice caves and the area well. In some cases ropes and other safety equipment may be needed, and should only be led by experienced guide. The ice caves are always situated in remote areas in Vatnajökull´s glacier. 

  • experience travelling to and exploring an ice cave

  • local ice cave guide

  • 4×4 ride with super jeeps

  • we always go to the nicest ice cave that is possible at the time for a group tour like this


Approx. 4 1/2 - 6 hours


Difficult - might sometimes include several km hiking so good physical strength is necessary. You have to have warm cloths and hiking shoes


Nov - March 


Departure times:

9:15 and 10:00


Meeting place:

Look for our truck marked Ice Guide outside of the coffee shop at Jökulsárlón ice lagoon - please be there no later than 15 minutes prior to departure

29.900 ISK

About 6-7 hours

Age limit 16 years


Ice Cave Excursion with ICE GUIDE
starting from Jökulsárlón



















In this tour we visit unique ice caves in one of the Vatnajökull outlet glaciers. We always visit best available ice cave possible that very day. It may be different in between days which ice cave we visit depending on weather and other natural conditions.

A breathtaking experience is awaiting not only photographers but also all of those who want to explore the unique atmosphere of a wondrous world of natural ice sculptures and formations.

After about 25-30 minutes of driving on a 4 wheel drive road, we reach the edge of the glacier. Gear and safety instructions will be provided before entering the glacier and the ice cave.

Included is all necessary glacier gear, including crampons, helmet, and harness. Your guide will evaluate each time which gear is necessary. Truly adventurous day for adventurous people with rewarding “once in a life time” experience!

The ice cave tour departs from Glacier lagoon (Jökulsárlón) parking lot, coordinates N64 02.898 W16 10.795. Distance from Reykjavík is 370 km. Iceguide does not provide any transportation from Reykjavík to Glacier lagoon (Jökulsárlón).

For road condition see and weather

Good outdoor clothing is highly recommended for this tour. For information on gear and clothing see the practical information section here to the side.


  • Reasonable fitness is required for the Ice cave tour. Participants should be able to walk some distance on rough terrain.

  • The ice cave tour departs from Glacier lagoon (Jökulsárlón) parking lot, coordinates N64 02.898 W16 10.795. Distance from Reykjavík is 370 km. Iceguide does not provide any transportation  from Reykjavík to Glacier lagoon (Jökulsárlón). 

  • 48 hours cancelation policy, customers will get full refunded, if cancelled within 48 hours.

  • All of our tours are undertaken as the responsibility of its participants. Iceguide does not take any responsibility for accidents that can be traced to participants own actions.

  • Iceguide can not make sure that no other persons or other unrelated groups are in the Ice cave at the same time as our tours.

  • Good outdoor clothing is required in our ice cave tours, we recommend two layers for your lower body and  three layers for your upper body. Windproof and well insulated clothing, waterproof if it´s raining. Bring good headwear and gloves. Good footwear is critical in our ice cave tours, sneakers or similar street shoes are not acceptable for the tour. Ice guide does not rent out any footwear or clothing. 

Book your Ice Cave Excursion here:

The meeting place is located 5 hour drive away east of Reykjavík in clear road conditions and the duration of the drive often takes much longer time in icy and wintery conditions. We recommend people to stay close to us the night before the tour.

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