Íslenski Fáninn


Travel Service In Southeast Iceland
- Since 1990 -

Summer special

Ingólfshöfði Puffin Tour

Take a haycart ride to Ingólfshöfði Nature Reserve. Enjoy the birdlife and history of this remote headland on the black sand coast of southeast Iceland. Only guided by a local guide from the near by farm.

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Ingólfshöfði Photo Tour

Special departures for serious photography at 5:55 AM in the morning. Max 8 clients per trip. Offered couple of mornings each week from early June to early August.

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Ingólfshöfði Black Coast Tour

Nature Experience Trip.

We love going to Ingólfshöfði and we offer this trip in the period in spring and fall when it is not sure to see puffins, but the landscape and history of the area is always fascinating.

  Winter special

Ice Cave Tours

We are the first company in Iceland to offer daily ice cave tours in winter. We are still at it but this winter we focus on our Ice Cave Sleep Over Tour and the Helicopter Ice Cave Tour.