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Snow Tour
Ski Touring in Southeast Iceland

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  • Adventure for people that have already ski mountaineering gear, telemark gear or snowboard

  • 4×4 ride with super jeep to start of the route

  • Possible to organise several days of ski mountaineering in the area


Since we only book this tour as a private departure the difficulty is up to you, but also the snow and weather on the day of the tour. Before you pay the deposit fee we will give you an estimation on what will be the final destination and your final cost if we go the most demanding destination we offer on this tour

Departure time:

7:00-10:00 AM depending on where you are in the morning and where we are going


Meeting place:

Working on this

Number of people as many as can fit in a 8 person Land Rover Defender :-)

50.000 ISK deposit but final price depends on where we go

Private tour only

Avalanche gear mandatory

The destinations we have for those tours are all in southeast Iceland. Depending on snow and weather and your ability, we will choose from Kristínartindar 1126 meters in Skaftafell, Skarðatindur 1081 meters in Svínafell, Stórhöfði 784 meters in Fagurhólsmýri, Vatnafjöll 955 meters in Kvísker, Veðurárdalsegg 1000 meters in Suðursveit, and Birnudalstindur 1326 meters in Suðursveit. We have several more locations to choose from. An extreme tour can be the south face of Miðfellstindur 1430 meters in Skaftafell for example, but only for 1 or 2 super strong skiers.

You have to bring your skiing gear and avalanche gear and good mountaineering clothing and backpack. If we need more technical gear like crampons, ice axe, climbing harness, we can rent it to you. We also have couple of sets of avalanche gear to rent.

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Pay the deposit for your Snow Tour Here:

Contact us first for details before you go ahead and pay your deposit here on the booking page.

Don't worry that there is only one space available. I will know how many you are from your email.

CANCELLATION of tours of ÖRÆFAFERÐIR (FromCoastToMountains)
We keep 100.0% of the deposit of the tour if cancelled 24 hours before event or less
We keep 50.0% of the deposit if cancelled 3 day(s) before event or less
We keep 10.0% of the deposit if cancelled 14 day(s) before event or less

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