Ingólfshöfði Tours

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Ingólfshöfði Puffin Tour

Take a hay-cart ride to the isolated headland Ingólfshöfði,

a home to thousands of nesting sea-birds, like puffins and

great skuas. Birdwatching and History Trip in the Nature Reserve cape Ingólfshöfði.

10.000 ISK

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Ingólfshöfði Photo Tour

We leave 5:55 AM in the morning on some days in summer (check out calendar) and take max 8 people at a time so you get the best experience possible photographing the puffins nesting at Ingólfshöfði Nature Reserver.


25.000 ISK

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Ingólfshöfði Black Coast Tour

We love going to Ingólfshöfði even when the puffin season has not really started in spring or has come to and end in fall. This tour is focused on Icelandic nature, saga, and the black sand beach of Ingólfshöfði.

When: April/May and after mid August.

Price:   10.000 ISK