Ice Climbing Tour

In Vatnajökull Glacier next to Sapphire Ice Cave

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  • Private trip only

  • Ice Climbing gear provided. 

  • We will do a short glacier walk on the nearby glacier as well.

  • Great way to combine ice climbing adventure and visit an ice cave and glacier in one tour.


around 5-6 hours


The climbing will be tailor made to suit your strength and experience. So easy to start with to find out what the group members are able to do, and then for those that need more challenge, we will put up a more steep route. We will hike around 4 km total on the tour.


November to March


Meeting time:



Meeting place:

Café Vatnajökull in

Transport by Land Rover Defender to the glacier parking

We have stiff mountaineering boots here at our base if your shoes are not suitable

The Ice Climbing Tour of FromCoastToMountains is a great introductory to the world of ice climbing. This winter we will be climbing just outside the amazing Sapphire Ice Cave in Vatnajökull, so you will have the best of both worlds, thrilling ice climbing up vertical blue ice walls, as well as checking out a beautiful ice cave.

All the ice climbing will be done in full security on a top rope.

The beautiful Sapphire Ice Cave is very popular by many companies this winter so there are often quite crowded situations there. But since we will stop there quite long time while practicing ice climbing just outside the entrance of the ice cave you will have more chance of seeing the ice cave in between the big groups that visit it all day long.

We will finish the trip by a short glacier walk up on the glacier, studying ice tunnels, sink holes and other glacier phenomenum.

Price: 60.000 ISK starting fee and then 15.000 ISK per participant.
For example 2 persons is 60.000+15.000+15.000=90.000

Duration: 5-6 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Group size: 1-7

Book your Ice Climbing Tour with FromCoastToMountains here:

The meeting place is located 4 1/2 hour drive away east of Reykjavík in clear road conditions and the duration of the drive often takes much longer time in icy and wintery conditions. We recommend people to stay close to us the night before the tour.
We are working on the booking calendar right now but you can pre-book via email with the button above....

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Ice Climbing Tour

We are working on this trip, for next winter, and plan to offer a private version only in future. Last winter we were climbing at the Sapphire Ice Cave, but of course we do not know now if the conditions will be good there next year. But we will offer a nice ice climbing experience for sure. Check on us soon to learn about this trip.

Departure from Café Vatnajökull in Fagurhólsmýri

Duration: 5-6 hours
Price: 35.000 ISK per person

Minimum age 13 years old

Possible to rent climbing boots if needed