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Ice Cave Sleep Over

in Vatnajökull Glacier in Iceland

  • Adventure for people that are willing to experience sleeping in sub zero conditions in an ice cave overnight.

  • We provide helmet with head lamp and glacier gear as needed, as well as the camping gear and food.

  • 4×4 ride with super jeep to start of the hike


3-4 km walk each way. You have to carry your gear, and sleeping bag and some of the food and be physically and mentally strong enough to take part in this endeavor. The winter storm can be quite an challenge on the walk from the car to the cave but normally ice cave gives us good shelter once inside

Departure time:

10:30 am and we arrive back in the next afternoon around 16:00. Please be here 30 minutes before departure.


Meeting place:

Café Vatnajökull at Fagurhólsmýri in southeast Iceland.

In this Ice Cave Expedition we will hike about 2-3 miles distance over to a beautiful ice cave location at Vatnajökull, Europe's largest glacier.

Great location for photography of ice caves, time lapse or sunset/sunrise, and when clear skies, northern lights might be possible in the night.

FromCoastToMountains provides glacier graded sleeping bags, with inner thermal liner (that is washed after each expedition). We provide the cooking gear and food and plenty of hot drinks, and while basic it will be real food, not freeze dried camping food. We provide thick inflatable mattresses. You better bring big backpack since you will be carrying sleeping bag, mattress, and part of your food, as well as your personal gear. Good to bring down jacket to put on once we are at the ice cave.

150.000 ISK

Group Size 2-5 persons
Duration 2 days

Age limit 16 years


About travelling in winter:

We are located 350 km (4 1/2 hour drive in summer) east of Reykjavík, via road 1. Please note that in icy and wintery conditions the travel time can be much longer. So we reccommend that you stay in a hotel or guesthouse in southeast Iceland the night before the trip. The closest hotel now is the new Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon just 3 km to our east, and the guesthouses in small group of farms called Hof are also close by, only 5 km west of our headquarters in Fagurholsmyri.

Litla Hof (+354 4781670) or www.hof1.is or www.sleep.is Also www.hotelskaftafell.is and www.svinafell.com about 18 km west of us.

Of course there are lot more guesthouses on both sides, from the area of the small village Klaustur to the town Höfn. Try www.visitvatnajokull.is or www.south.is for more information.

If needed in case that you travel with bus to get here we can pick you up from any guesthouse or hotel in Öræfi (the area between Skaftafell and Jökulslárlón).

We don't want to fool you. This is going to be challenging night for most people except those that have been camping in snow and mountains a lot. Maybe even one of the most uncomfortable night of your life. Please don't expect conditions like in an ice hotel in Finland or Sweden even though the prices might be similar :-)
For sleeping bags to work in minus °C temperatures one has to close the sleeping bag completely so only the nose sticks out. To get out of sleeping bag in the dark winter morning can also be a challenge, and although we use quite thick mattresses the body is stiff after a night in the ice cave especially for people over 50 year old.
But it is quite sure that if you enjoy outdoor adventure type of activities this is definitely going to be one of the highlights of your life. Food will be provided, and plenty of tea/hot chocolate to drink. If you have special diet you of course better bring your own food, but we will help cooking it for you.

Book your Ice Cave Expedition Here:

Sleeping in sub zero °C environment requires good physical and mental form. Good outdoor cloths are also required.

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Ice Cave Sleep Over Tour

This is a two day glacier camping trip aimed for those that want to explore glaciers and visit interesting ice cave in the same trip. Only for fit outdoor people. Also suited for serious ice cave photography and time lapse photography and northern light photography. Camping gear and food included.

Departures on Tuesdays every second week from mid November to mid of March from Fagurhólsmýri
Price: 150.000 ISK per person, 2-5 people.

ÖRÆFAFERÐIR - FromCoastToMountains - info@FromCoastToMountains.is - GSM +354 8940894

Kt. (ID) 521203-3310  -  VSK nr. (VAT no.) 81705  -  Postal Address: Oraefaferdir - Fagurholsmyri - 785 Oraefi - Iceland

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