Ice Cave SleepOver

Slow Adventure into the heart of Vatnajökull

The photos in this gallery are all except the last four taken in one Ice Cave Expedition in January 2018, when I went with my esteemed client and friend Dave Edwards from UK to the Treasure Island Ice Cave and Lightroom Ice Cave on Treasure Beach right north of Jökulsárlón Ice Lagoon in southeast Iceland. This was the final test run for my @slowadventuring product that I have been preparing this winter. Of course it is impossible to promise for sure that this location will be usable next year, (or that the weather will be so perfect like on this trip) but for the sake of beautiful landscape and remoteness (wich means that we will most likely have the night and early morning there alone), I will be using this location in winter 2018-19 as long as the ice caves are safe and interesting enough. Otherwise I will find another location and since we are for sure going to stay in an ice cave in Vatnajökull ice cap I think I can promise an interesting camping trip.